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So here we are in 2015. Some of us have made resolutions whereas others of us are just going to go with the flow of the next year. How can you make sure that despite the challenges we are all going to face at some point or another that we remain as positive as we are at the moment?

Change how you think!

Without a positive mind nothing positive can happen, but that’s easier said than done isn’t it? Why not start making a list of 3 things you are thankful for every night, it helps you to appreciate what you have and helps you sleep in a positive frame of mind.

Quite time!

Take up meditation or yoga and allow yourself some quite reflection. It is important so that you can rationally look at situations and make appropriate actions. It is never good to act out on anger. 


Upon waking write down three tasks you want to do that day and stick to it.


Whilst everyone makes the New Year’s resolution to be healthier and exercise through running or a gym membership it rarely continues throughout the year. However, it is proven that walking is the best form of exercise, not only is it easy but it is also gentle on body. It’s also a great excuse to buy a dog, you will need a walking partner!

Eat healthy!

It goes without saying that your 5 portions of fruit and veg is needed but variety is also needed. Your body still needs fat, especially in the winter to keep you warm. 8 glasses of water is needed to keep you nicely hydrated.

So embrace the new you! 2015 is your year!

Writer: Angela Hulbert

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As weight loss is the most common resolution for the new year, especially after eating all the irresistible, delicious Christmas meals. The hardest part is to loose weight you have gained. I was recently sent this product to test, and i have decided to review this product and give my honest opinion as i feel this is a product you may want to find out more about. 

First of all, this product wasn’t intended to be for people under 18 years of age, so please don’t use it if you are under age. This green coffee bean extract is used as a supplement, it contains chlorogenic acid which burns fats such as sugars through the liver. On the box, it also explains that chlorogenic acid inhibits glucose absorption within the body which reduced the amount of sugar sent into the blood stream and therefore prevents fat accumulating in the body. Which then of course leads of weight lost. It also states that this product can improve heart health, cardiovascular and increase energy since it’s made from raw unroasted coffee bean extract.

I used this product for over a week and during that short space of time, I really felt like I lost weight. I simply took 2 capsules 30 minutes before my meals, I didn’t even need to lower the amount of food I ate for each meal which I thought made the whole process a lot simpler and easier to do. The product made my body work harder when I did everyday things such as walking to the train station or walking to work – as if it raised my metabolism. I’ve always thought that my metabolism level is really low since I rarely sweat and no matter how much exercise I do, my weight just never budged but after taking this capsule for just a day, I started sweating more and immediately felt like my metabolism has risen. 

After a week, I noticed that I looked slimmer and asked a friend for opinion who also agreed that it seems like I lost some weight. I really didn’t think that it would work that fast but it really think. In conclusion, I thought that this product was great for me especially since I have really low metabolism so I needed something to boast it and this coffee bean extract really did the job. So if you have a problem with your metabolism level, then I really recommend this but I can’t guaranteed the same results since everyone’s bodies are different. But please remember, that if you use this product and you start to sweat more than usual, you need to keep yourself hydrated to prevent any headaches and dizziness. 

This is an amazon link to the product for those who are interested in buying it: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00A0G0GGC?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00 

Rating: 5/5

Writer: Suyani

  This product was sent for reviewing and testing, this is my honest opinion on what i think about it.

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You will need:
A clear base/top coat, a black nail varnish or nail pen, a silver nail pen                                                          

Firstly, paint your nails with the clear base coat.

Then, using the silver nail pen create a triangle shape near the cuticle

Finally preferably, using a black nail pen, paint the rest of your nail black.

Add the clear top coat to give a shiny finish

 Here you go, nails ready to begin the new year

Writer:  Angela Hulbert

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Vous avez besoins de :
Un stylo d’ongles noir et gris, et un vernis clair.

En premier mettez une couche de vernis clair.

Apres, faire un triangle près du cuticule avec le stylo de vernis gris.

Maintenant remplis le restant des ongles en utilisant le stylo de vernis noir.

Finalement mettez une couche de vernis clair

 Et voilà vous avez des ongles prêt pour nouvelles ans.

Writer:  Angela Hulbert

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'Snowflake' Nails                   
 'Snowing' Nails
 'Christmas Tree' Nails                  

'Jingle Bell' Nails                     


Writer: Suyani
Images taken by: Suyani

Find out how to do the following nail look, click the link below.

Product to complete the nail looks above: 

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